6 easy steps to find your best match

Create a profile manually or via Facebook (strongly recommended).
From your list of friends rank the people you would be interested in dating.
Approve your ranking.
Wait for the matching algorithm to send you and your best match an email notification.
If the algorithm does not return a best match, rank the new people the algorithm suggests.
Stay on the website and make money from people selecting you on their secret ranking while getting a chance to know who you current stable match is.
Here are few success stories:

Pradeep and Ami:

"In our culture, it is considered good taste to meet your lifepartner quite quickly and discreetly. If you add to this the fact that, before we met,  we were both very busy in our lives and having both passed 30 we were looking for efficient and descreet way of finding our life partners. Oolalaaa was the perfect tool for us. Many thanks! " 

Brian and Lucie:

“We had been having a crush on each other for 4 years but when we met the timing was not right. Lucie was coming out of a long seriously relationship and I was not mature enough. We had been unfortunatelly stuck into this friend zone and would have never been able to get out of it if it wasn't for Oolalaaa."

Hugo and Goli:

“This thing is absolutelly genius"

Marie and Stefan:

”Believe it or not Oolalaaa allows me to keep an eye on my womanizing of a husband"